Jacquelene Symond is a Specialist Colour Consultant who has worked with companies, hospitals, aged care facilities and small businesses to specify colour palettes for a wide range of projects. Following a 20-year career working across various marketing disciplines for and with high profile brands such as American Express, Leo Burnett, Microsoft and Virgin Money, Jacquelene decided to pursue her love of colour and its impact on human behaviour by founding The Colour Agency. Here she combines both her marketing skills to understand her client’s needs with her technical and professional knowledge of colour and psychology.

Research has proven that people receive 80% of their information from their environment and the colour that surrounds us in our daily lives is a major component of our environment and therefore has a profound effect on our mood and behaviour. Colour also affects the bottom line. Research has shown that in supermarket aisles alone, consumers eyes rest on a package for an average of .03 seconds so it is imperative that colour communicates not only the contents but also appeals to the psyche

Jacquelene’s clients have included the Sydney Children’s Hospital, War Memorial Hospital, Nepean Hospital, Southern Cross Care, Origin Energy and Virgin Active.  She has recommended colours for mental health wards, dementia facilities and 24hour control room environments. She works directly with clients, architects and/or environmental design teams.  Her goal is to understand the users within the built environment, from their mental and emotional state to their physical ability to see certain colours.  She then applies this understanding with her in-depth knowledge of colour and human response to recommend a colour palette that will support the health and well-being of those that will be living and/or working in that environment.

Jacquelene has been a guest speaker at Grand Rounds for the Sydney Children’s Hospital network; Lidcombe TAFE Industry Forum and the IIR Conference: 2nd Annual Control Room Design and Operations Conference.   Cosentino (the world’s largest stone supplier) have engaged her to present, develop and facilitate several workshops for Interior Designers.  She  was contracted for over a year by Houzz Australia to share her knowledge on the impact of colour in the home whilst Virgin Active hired her to articulate how best to use the newly installed coloured lights based on scientific research for their most recent facility, Barangaroo.

Having trained as an Aura Soma Practitioner for 13 years along with her knowledge of the complexities of human beings and colour, Jacquelene also developed and presented a 24hour training course called The Energy of Colour for Nature Care College back in 2015 – she hopes to revisit this again one day.

In addition to a Certificate of Colour and Design and a Colour Consulting Diploma awarded from the International School of Colour and Design. Jacquelene has also undergone 110 hours of intensive interdisciplinary colour training with the late Frank H. Mahnke and the highly regarded International Association of Colour Consultants/Designers in North America (IACC-NA).

Jacquelene holds a Graduate Diploma of Psychology from Charles Sturt University, a Bachelor of Business (Marketing/Communications) from UTS and a CertIV in Training and Assessment. She is currently studying a Post Graduate Diploma of Psychology with a view to conducting her own academic research around colour and psychology.


She is inspired by Steiner and Goethe in-depth study on colour and is motivated by Faber Birren’s factual study of the influence of colour on human life through colour psychology and colour therapy.     She believes that colour is multi-faceted and to harness its true power it is best to understand it and use it on all levels of human experience.

Jacquelene is past Chairperson of The Colour Society of NSW and the principal of The Colour Agency.

“Functional colour is concerned with measurable facts.  It is founded on research, on known visual reactions, on data which may be statistically analysed.  It differs from so-called “interior decoration” in that personal preferences or emotional attitude are denied for well-ordered scientific practice.” Faber Birren, Colour Psychology and Color Therapy:  A Factual Study of the Influence of Color on Human Life.