Colour Design Testimonials

“Jacquelene approached the Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation in 2012 in order to generously give her expert time and advice in the development of the major capital project; the Clinical Services Building, and we were delighted to accept her offer.  In a pro bono capacity, she provided highly relevant and informative advice on colour theory to a broad range of users within a healthcare context, adding an important theoretical component to the Architect’s Brief for the Project.   

Jacquelene also created an important conduit between a wide range of clients involved with the project and the new building management team, particularly through her consultations with the Mental Health and the Peri-operative teams.  We were very impressed by her ability to inform and understand a wide range of clients and stakeholders, and moreover her ability to impart specialist knowledge in a clear and accessible manner.

From the Hospital’s Art Program perspective, we were delighted to work with a colour theorist who demonstrably appreciated the power and impact of colour within a Children’s Hospital, and who readily gave specialist advice on how the correct choice, and relationships, of colours can stimulate psychological – and even physical – responses from patients, their carers and Hospital staff.

We would recommend Jacquelene as an effective and expert colour theorist to any Healthcare, Corporate or Private Client.”  Roxanne Fea, Arts Curator, Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation


I approached The Colour Agency to consult on a colour scheme which would provide a calm relaxing environment for the staff and patients staying at a Centre for Addiction Medicine at Nepean Hospital.   I chose this business as I recognised the importance of their application of the psychology of colour to the clinical environment and their qualifications and experience in this field.

The Colour Agency helped me by providing a comprehensive colour assessment and solution to provide a coherent, calming environment across and between patient and staff areas within the centre. The result provided a unique environment linking the effect of colour to mood which is enjoyed by staff, patients and visitors.

 Jacquelene at The Colour Agency was professional, organised, easy to work with, and delivered the product on time. I found the whole experience to be fun while delivering great results on all aspects of the project.

I would recommend The Colour Agency to any professional’s interested in linking the psychology of colour to environment, particularly health planners and architects who work on projects in health.  Karen Braid, NBMLHD Health Facility Planner


“Jacquelene Symond has been my valued colleague since 2012.

I am a Control Centre Built Environment Design Consultant and my consulting team includes human factors specialists in the fields of ergonomics, acoustics, lighting and colouring.

There are physiological and psychological responses to light and colour which have short and long term effects upon Control Room operators in 24/7, 12-hour-shift, environments.  While trendy colours and finishes may initially excite and freshen, they become tedious and benign with time and descend into featurism which is detrimental to responsive operators in these situations. The wrong colours can induce drowsiness, fatigue and stress.

Jacq is in our control centre human factors team to determine appropriate colouring of the technical spaces wherein periods of critical, stress-laden activity are interspersed with mundane monitoring.

She is well qualified and well versed in her disciplines.

Jacq has also presented at numerous conferencMes, but most notably, in my world anyway, at the Control Rooms Design & Operation conference in Sydney in 2014.   She was well received by the delegates who never quite knew why their environments felt like they did.   They are keen to have her back in 2016.  I would recommend Jacq to anyone who is seeking an objective and science-based colour specialist with the right amount of “feeling” response also.”  Russell Ockendon, Control Centre Built Environment Design Consultant


“The Colour Agency provided the paint colour recommendations for several Southern Cross Care facilities within NSW.  With her knowledge of gerontology stresses and how some of these may be managed with the correct use of colour within the built environment, Jacquelene was able to provide unique colour schemes that helped meet the psychological wellbeing of the elderly residents whilst also providing a fresh and contemporary look.  I would recommend Jacquelene as a specialist Colour Consultant to any Health or Aged Care client.”  Paul Smith, CFO, Southern Cross Care (NSW/ACT)


Jacquelene came highly recommended by an interior decorator.  I have used The Colour Agency for two projects now.

The first was an update of my 5 year old daughters room.  Jacquelene managed the fine balancing art of meeting the colour needs of my 5 year old and creating a room that will grow with her.  The outcome is wonderful.

The second project was to update a 1980’s apartment for my 86 year old Dad.  Again, Jacquelene worked miracles in working with some very dated areas while updating others to create a unified and beautiful space.  In this project she also used much of her expertise on the impacts of colour and contrast on the aged to create a safe living space.”  Maala P, (NSW, Australia)


“During the refurbishment of Wrights the Butcher factory, Jacquelene from The Colour Agency provided the colour scheme for the staff breakout area. Due to health regulations the majority of the meat factory must be refrigerated and “white” so Jacquelene took the opportunity to transform a very bland staff area to one where my staff can now relax and recharge during their work breaks before entering the cold rooms again. I would highly recommend Jacquelene for her understanding of colour and how it works within the built environment to provide an effective solution for specific user groups.”  Clayton Wright, Owner, Wrights the Butcher


“The Colour Agency assisted with all our interior colours, lighting and finishes during a major renovation to transform a rustic old café to La Repubblica, Balmoral Beach – an upmarket Italian Café/Restaurant. The result has been spectacular and our customers comment not only on our choice of colours and finishes but also how they work together to create a warm, friendly and inviting environment. The Colour Agency took into consideration our input and ideas and along with Jacquelene’s expertise, a colour palette was created that met our needs from both an aesthetic and functional perspective.

It was truly enjoyable working with Jacquelene, her energy and enthusiasm is refreshing. She provided great support throughout the entire process and we were fully informed every step of the way. I would gladly recommend Jacquelene and The Colour Agency to anyone who would like to use colour more effectively.”Joseph Nader, Owner, La Repubblica, Balmoral Beach


“We renovated our home a couple of years ago and employed Ms Symond to help us develop a colour plan for the living and family rooms. I never really appreciated how difficult it is to find a good colour – a colour that not only looks good, but also suits the mood and function of the room. The living room was intended as an adult’s only ‘retreat’ and more evening time whilst the family room, more for the children and more of a day time room. Jacquelene spent time upfront to really understand our needs and our situation and then came back just a few days later with a thorough rationale and recommendations on colours. The colour palettes selected were then applied not just to the walls, but also to the furnishings and accessories. We were very impressed by Jacquelene’s depth of knowledge, her detailed planning process and high energy in the project. I recommended The Colour Agency to a number of friends and they too have been impressed by her work….” Anya H, Private Estate (NSW, Australia)


“When the opportunity for me to purchase a warehouse conversion in Alexandria came up a few years ago, I jumped at the chance to create something very special. To help me achieve that vision I consulted Jacquelene Symond from The Colour Agency.

Jacquelene is a true visionary when it comes to colour selection. It was funny I had a colour palette in mind, but Jacquelene after seeing the space came back with something that worked better than I could ever had imagined. She took my suggestions, and then took the time to find out my likes in a number of areas, and produced a colour scheme that to this day looks fresh and contemporary.

The process was very consultative and extremely professional. I’m now looking at another development in Zetland and I can assure you the first person I will be speaking to after my bank manager will be Jacquelene.” Jeffrey E, Warehouse Conversion (NSW, Australia)


“Jacquelene is the consummate professional. She worked with me to choose a colour palette for my apartment with a goal to create a calming and cozy environment that reflected my personality and the amazing rug I had recently bought from Morocco! With her knowledge of colour psychology and genuine, natural intuition for colour she created my individual colour palette. I have been carrying it everywhere and used it throughout my renovations and furniture purchases. The results are more than I expected. I have a sophisticated, stylish and charming apartment that I love to come home to and entertain in. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Jacquelene as someone who will work collaboratively with you to achieve your goals through the use of colour.” Sophie S, (NSW, Australia)


“Jacquelene was extremely professional throughout the engagement, she helped us to select appropriate colours and shades that we would have never considered. Our home looks much better with her help, otherwise it would be another boring white/beige home.” Frank C, (Greenwich, NSW, Australia)