What is Colour?

Our most important energy source is the Sun that consists of the entire electromagnetic spectrum that we depend on to exist on this planet.

Our eyes are sensitive to light which lies in a very small region of the electromagnetic spectrum labeled “visible light” or the “colour spectrum.” This “visible light” corresponds to a wavelength range of 400 – 700 nanometers (nm) and a colour range of violet through to red.Light-Dispersion-Illustration-

The human eye is not capable of “seeing” the wavelengths outside of this spectrum such as cosmic rays, x-rays, infra-red or microwaves although we do know that all wavelengths of light, whether we can “see it” or not, without failure it will always affect us in some way or another.

Furthermore, white is a mixture of the colours of the visible spectrum and black is a total absence of light.

“Colour is Light, Light is Energy, Energy is Life…we must become more aware and understand how to harness the power of colour in our lives.” Jacquelene Symond, The Colour Agency